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VIXX "Milky Way" First Global Showcase in USA Getting Closer, Texas Event Organizer Jazzy Group Says of the Location Choice, 'Why Not Dallas?'

As October closes, November is inching up fast. That means, the countdown begins for VIXX's return to the USA for their global showcase. The VIXX boys will first descend in Dallas, on November 8th before landing in Los Angeles on November 10th. It will be an experience unlike any other concert as Jazzy Group and K-pop United combine forces to bring VIXX to US Starlights (the name of VIXX's fanclub)

Since VIXX's showcase was announced a few months ago, curiosity was aroused at the two relatively new names in the US concert event organizer space. While both organizers may be smaller entrants into the US market, both are actually well-versed in the K-pop fan culture. 

Jazzy Group, originally hailing from Malaysia, is making their first foray into the US market through VIXX's showcase, mainly the Dallas concert. Gabriel Ho, a representative for the group, says of their decision to form US K-pop concert event operations, "I think this is every promoter's dream to enter the US market since all entertainment mainly originates from the US. With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, we are always exploring and expanding." But as a whole, the US K-pop market can be rather lukewarm as with any kind of market, and Mr. Ho recognizes this as well, "I would say every market has its own difficulties. Difficulty means opportunity. We see a lot of potential in the US market especially the amazing support of fans." Jazzy Group has made their deep roots in K-pop events organizing by mastering exactly that - delivering a concert experience that matches the love of K-pop fans. In Malaysia, where there is a quite personal K-pop fan culture, Jazzy Group was responsible for majority of the K-pop events that bring the fans closer to the artists. And this same formula is what Jazzy Group USA is trying to use, beginning with VIXX's First Global Showcase in the USA.

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One other unique element in the VIXX First Global Showcase set-up is the choice of cities. While Los Angeles is nearly almost always a given, the choice to bring K-pop to Dallas is rather bold. With the southwest central city as not a typical K-pop location, the question that comes to mind is 'Why Dallas?', to which Jazzy Group's representative wittily responded, "I will say " Why not Dallas?" The main reason we chose Dallas TX is we listen. A lot of cities or states are being neglected due to many different reasons. After all the consideration, we chose Texas, but what city? Dallas became the final choice since it is in the middle of the US, has a large Korean population, and not too costly for fans to travel." How does Jazzy Group overcome the challenge of needing to spread the word, especially with such a relatively new market. Raising awareness is key, and Mr. Ho is generally grateful again for the unity among K-pop fans saying, "It also is not an easy task for us to target all the K-pop fans in Dallas and cities in Texas. However, fans are very active and helpful. Once they heard VIXX is coming to Dallas TX, all of them jump in and help spread the words out and promote as much as they can. We, as an organizer, really appreciate what they have done for VIXX and Jazzy Group US."

So, it appears, that the fans are finally heard, and Texas is now being represented. It will be a great opportunity indeed for US K-pop! That said, this also implies that the expansion of K-pop into other cities in the US is just beginning. So, naturally we asked Jazzy Group US if more cities and more events are in store. And we got let in on a secret! Mr. Ho says, "I will tell you this. The first half of our calendar for next year is full."

In our conversation with Jazzy, we haven't completely forgotten about the focus of the upcoming showcase, VIXX. The boy group is not a stranger to an American concert stage. Their first overseas performance was in the USA, in the East Coast specifically Baltimore, and then they performed alongside B.A.P, EXO, NU'EST, and 4Minute in the first ever KCON in 2012 in Orange County, California. The band was formed from the six successful participants of Mnet reality show, Mydol. 

Jazzy Group tells us about their choice of going with VIXX as the K-pop act they will be hosting in their debut event in the US, "I think VIXX is being underestimated by a lot of people. They are such a young, vibrant and talented group. You can tell each one of them has their own talents. They are ready to take on any big stage. As you might have known, they debuted not too long ago, May 2012. Their fan base is already building up. A lot of fans might think they are too mysterious." 

Because Jazzy Group and K-pop United aim to bring a different kind of concert, even aiming "to bring the K-pop experience up a notch." How will they be doing this? "VIXX First Global Showcase gives you the chance to meet them in person and find out more about them yourself." Mr. Ho adds. And when they say meeting and greeting, they really mean a good amount of fan service. Jazzy Group's representative revealed "We want fans to interact with artists. That is why we have 200 autograph passes, 100 photograph passes and 100 pre-signed posters hand delivered by VIXX for all who come to VIXX showcase." 

But more than the fan-service, Jazzy Group believes in the heights that VIXX can still soar to. Mr. Ho says, "It is our honor to be able to host VIXX. As a promoter and organizer, we not only focus on promoting shows, but also the artists. VIXX deserves to be recognized by the public. I will tell you this. They are a force that nobody should miss. So, people will miss out on these rising stars if they don't grab at this chance and come to VIXX First Global Showcase."

Tickets are still available for the Dallas showcase, and can be purchased through AXS (http://www.axs.com/events/244421/vixx-tickets). Los Angeles tickets are also still available and can be purchased through AXS as well (http://www.axs.com/events/244719/vixx-1st-global-showcase-tickets).

Stay tuned to KpopStarz, for a unique opportunity to meet VIXX in Dallas!

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