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[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 16

Sometimes even holding on once is enough to never want to let go. Joong Won had a point about how it’s unfair for them to talk about ending it when they never really started. What he has yet to figure out is starting something can make it that much harder to end it too. Even with just the hand holding for the first time as two people who like each other, he had a problem letting go. How much easier does he think it will get once they have confirmed their feelings for each other all over again in the plain light of day. I always thought this relationship was balanced like a seesaw. Most of the time the weight of his feelings for her seemed stronger than Gong Sil’s so she was always in the air while he looked up at her and tonight was no different. If they were to part, during all that time, I think he will miss her more than him. Not cuz his love is stronger, but since he has voiced his feelings for her more often -it’s more acute. He is the only one who has said he loves her, but she never said it to him yet. It’s like with every thought of her, he falls in love all over again. Bet she can’t say the same thing.

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Written before it aired:

It all came down to his gut instinct and the flood of loneliness and emptiness that swept over him for Joong Won to come to his senses. Unless his feet were rooted in sheer stupidity, I just knew he wouldn’t let her go so easily. How much do you want to bet that while he was running to get her back, all these thoughts went through his head. For a very long time now, with each encounter and interaction, Joong Won has come to appreciate her quirkiness. He doesn’t see crazy anymore. All he sees now is warmth, generous spirit, giving heart, unique tendencies, and the only one he could ever love. With every glance, what has been registering on his face these days is sheer desperation at the thought of her slipping away from him and losing her. Maybe that’s what has been driving him to hold onto her so much physically- always clinging and holding on. I don’t blame him. With all the love he has felt in his heart, he just doesn’t want to go back to the cold calculating man that he was. After coming so far, his arms would feel too empty, but most of all – his life would have no meaning. Joong Won offered to be her shelter not knowing all this time she had been sheltering him from the cold world he made for himself. Quite possibly that is the key to why the goat and wolf tried to stay together for so long. Each of them knew what loneliness was and never wanted to go back to that. Gong Sil wasn’t just the light in the dark - she was the warmth Joong Won craved from the cold. Now that he has finally opened his eyes and sees her for more than what she means to him, he can appreciate her better. That is why this improved decisive Joong Won earned the right to go after her and get her back.

Every time a drama comes to a close, they come up with moments of reflection to show flashback scenes of what happened over the course of the show. Not just to reminisce about how far the characters have come or how much they have changed, but for us to note how much we have come to love right along with them. They have shown us quite a few in the last two episodes, but I bet we are in for some more tonight. Even though my finale closing post is coming up tomorrow, I just wanted to say what Master’s Sun has meant to me over the past months. It may have been another drama on a long list of great ones, but this show was a little different. What set it apart wasn’t just the tinge of horror now and then. It was the strong foundation of humor, romance, and potential. In such a short time, it managed to live up to all our expectations and more. The best part of all – though it was always grounded in reality, it never once stopped us from dreaming.

 Main Cast:

Episode 16 

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Starts from their last scene when she says I am leaving. I think I need to be that bright sun just for dead people. I just wanted to be the bright sun who is popular with ghosts, but when I look at you I feel like the dark sun that makes dead people so I get so scared of myself and don’t like it. Joong Won: if I’m not around – it’s not to the extent that it’s “too bad,” it’s scary for you and someone you don’t like? Gong Sil: I don’t want to be that kind of sun rising next to you. just tell me to get lost now. Joong Won: all that time when I told you to get lost without any fear it’s cuz I knew you would rise again for sure next to me (come back to him), but I will try to do as you asked. get lost tae yang. she cries and bows and leaves. he watches her walking away

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Joong Won sits alone inside and Kim goes over to him and says I heard Tae Yang is leaving for somewhere far away - weren’t you with her? where is she?

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Her sister asks Gong Sil to call often and asks how long she will be gone. Gong Sil says I will know once I get there how long I will be there. Gong Ri looks over at Jin and asks is he the one you are going with? Gong Sil nods yes. Jin bows to Gong Ri so she recognizes Jin as the man who was there during Gong Sil’s accident. Gong Sil tells her sister – so don’t worry and I will come back well. they hug and Gong Sil tells her to be well and goes in with Jin

Kim asks did Tae Yang leave you? Joong Won: I thought if I could just handle it, Tae Gong Sil would be ok. but she said she is scared and having a hard time. I thought about it and not once did I ever understand or be considerate of her position. Kim asks then are you sending her off cuz you are being understanding and considerate of her situation? Joong Won suddenly looks up after hearing that and says are you crazy? what do you mean send Tae Gong Sil off? what I didn’t do for 34 years, why would I do that at this important moment? even though I can understand a heart that wants to be apart from me, showing those nice manners of sending her off – I wont do it. He gets up and walks over to her. he calls her over and over but she doesn’t pick up. he walks by and misses seeing her go inside. he begs please pick up the phone

Inside the plane Jin asks if she settled it with that guy. she says how could I do that. I just forced myself to get away. I wish the plane would hurry and take off. it might be better when I am far away

Yi Ryeong checks her phone and calls Kang Woo rude (having dog manners- crappy manners) for not calling when she told him she is leaving today

Kim comes over and tells him she is on a plane to LA so Joong Won orders for reservations for the next flight out to follow behind her. Kim says as soon as your passport arrives at the office, it will be brought to you

Sung Ran hears that Joong Won is leaving to America. Seuk Chul says Kim called and the secretary took his passport and went to the airport. She wonders what’s up -why go suddenly to America. Seuk Chul pretends not to know

Yi Ryeong’s manger says if you audition and get the role you don’t have to come back to Korea and can just practice acting there. Yi Ryeong gets up to go to the bathroom and runs into Gong Sil on the plane. Yi Ryeong: why are you here? are you going to America too? are you going on a business trip with president Joo? Gong S: no I am going for my own business. I heard you are leaving to film the movie. I read it in the news. Yi Ryeong says I am going for an audition. she looks over at Jin and asks is he with you? Gong Sil nods and says yes. she tells Gong Sil where her seat is and says come over if you are bored. Gong Sil whispers to Jin that Yi Ryeong is her classmate from school

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Kim goes over to Joong Won and says I reserved a flight that leaves two hours later. Joong Won: is there nothing earlier? Kang Woo comes over and asks are you going to let Tae Gong Sil leave and do nothing? she said if she takes care of Cha Hee Joo’s matter she would leave. but – just cuz she said she was leaving – did you not try to hold onto her and send her off? Joong Won: I wont send her away. I will follow her and get her back. Kim points out even if you follow her to America there is a two hour gap. what if she disappears in that time. Kang Woo shows Joong Won the tracker to pinpoint her location and says take this with you. just in case – a while ago I slipped the tracker into her bag. she wont know so be sure to go and bring her back. Joong Won is thankful and tells him how great he is and to come back and work at kingdom and I will pay double your salary. turn this on for me. Just then Yi Ryeong calls Kang Woo to say -did you know Gong Sil is going to America? Kang Woo: how do you know that? Yi Ryeong: Gong Sil is on the same plane with me and said she is going to America with some guy. so Kang Woo tells Joong Won that info: Tae Gong Sil is on the same plane with Tae Yi Ryeong. they haven’t left yet.

Joong Won gets on the phone and asks her – listen well – starting from now I need you to do some great acting. Yi Ryeong tells her manager – do you think I act well? the acting I am about to do now don’t jump in no matter what.

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Yi Ryeong gets up and yells out in pain. Gong Sil asks are you hurting somewhere. Yi Ryeong says my stomach hurts - it must be appendicitis and holds onto Gong Sil. so Gong Sil calls out for help and says she has to go the hospital. Jin just watches the performance and laughs.

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Yi Ryeong holds onto Gong Sil and pleads – stay by my side Gong Sil. Kim and Joong Won watch in amusement at Yi Ryeong being taken away by the ambulance. Joong Won: I didn’t know a day would come when I would be moved by Tae Yi Ryeong’s acting. Kim says you caught her but what are you going to do now. Joong Won: starting from now – I have to be considerate and understanding. you help me by my side. I cant do those things well so if you think I am doing it wrong -guide me and stop me from going elsewhere - like you did for 15 yrs by my side. Kim agrees and then pretends to be sad that despite pushing him for 15 years and not budging, Joong Won opened his heart so easily for her in such a short time. Joong Won: it wasn’t easy. you know I am not an easy person. He gives him a bear hug. Kim: ok.

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Gong Sil comments to Yi Ryeong who is sipping coffee. small tae yang - up to a few mins ago you were in so much pain you couldn’t breathe so you are too normal right now. Yi Ryeong says how she was just acting. Gong Sil: just so you could practice acting you wouldn’t let me on that plane? Yi Ryeong: I didn’t really want to go audition, but president Joo asked me for a favor – to make it so that you get off the plane. Gong Sil: the president? Yi Ryeong: I didn’t want to do it too, you doing well with someone great like president Joo I don’t want to see it – it makes my tummy hurt. Gong Sil: so why did you do it then? Yi Ryeong: cuz you have to be safe and be happy. so that he (she means Kang Woo) doesn’t have to protect you anymore -for him to safely leave his position, you big tae yang have to do well with that person (Joong Won) so that is why I helped. Gong Sil: then you were wrong to jump in. I left for him to be safe and happy. Yi Ryeong: you are saying that so you don’t look bad in front of me but that is not how it looked at all. you are saying now “cuz I love you I am leaving you now” pretending to be like candy. Gong Sil: candy? Yi Ryeong: yes “cuz I lack – thinking of you (being considerate of you) I am stepping away. if you love me catch me.” then you pretend you cant win and get caught. that’s what it is. if he caught you from getting on the plane then president Joo did as much as he could so stop running away so much and get caught now. if you drag it out it will be tiring. Gong Sil: for me to act like I cant win and get caught- there is a weakness. Yi Ryeong thinks it’s Kang Woo and Joong Won wanting to protect her and asks what is it? Gong Sil leans in and says: I see ghosts. there is one here too. the ghost must have died in this room. Yi Ryeong looks and says I don’t believe that stuff. Gong Sil: the ghost told me to tell you that it is your fan. I will be going. she walks out so Yi Ryeong yells where are you going. after saying stuff like that leaving me alone it’s scary. I really hate talk of ghosts.

Gong Sil goes outside and says aloud – even if I cling to him or get away from him - in others’ eyes I am still candy. She runs into that little boy who died. woo jin. she asks why he stayed behind and he points to a room

She goes in and sees his mom inside. he stands next to his mom looking sad. Gong Sil remembers how Joong Won stepped in and saved her and got hurt. she runs outside but the kid follows her. she says when I see you I remember something terrible so I don’t want to see you. she walks away from the kid

Joong Won walks by and Jin calls out to him. the sun who left – you caught her by force and made her rise next to you again. Joong Won: who are you. Jin says I am the one who is going to leave with Gong Sil. she would have told you. so Joong Won remembers her saying how she met someone who can see and hear the same things as her. Joong Won: can you see ghosts like Tae Gong Sil? Jin: someone who is from the same world as Gong Sil – unlike you.

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