Wednesday, 30 October 2013

[News] Pretty boy Lee Jung-shin plays a Goguryeo spy

JS blade and Petal 5

 Lee Jung Shin is set to play the role of a spy of the Goguryeo Kingdom.

JS blade and Petal 12
Revealed in these publicity stills are him hiding in a large vase.

What could have led this assasin to take a dip and hide himself there?

In the KBS drama “The Blade and FlowerLee Jung-shin plays Shi-woo a skilled swordsman who works for the secret organization named Geumhwadan headed by King Yeong-ryu (Kim Young-cheol).

In episode 5 airing on July 17th, Geumhwadan begin their operations to monitor Yeon Gaesomun(Choi Min-soo)’s every move after infiltrating his home.

Shi-woo takes on a convincing disguise with a hairstyle and outfit that would never pass as an assassin.

But once he embarks on his mission he takes on a whole new persona.

As he stealthily scan around Yeon Gaesomun’s home, he is almost caught by the guards.

Upon noticing a large vase, he jumps into it without a second’s hesitation.While hiding in it, he eavesdrop on every secret conversation held nearby.

It’s a whole new charismatic side of the singer/actor!

Utilizing his lanky physique to its fullest, he immediately got the OK during his first filming session.

He simply squeezed his tall frame into the vase without a single word of complaint.

And he never loses his million-dollar smile.

Just one of the many reasons why this young man is the hot favorite when it comes to actors staff members prefer to work with.

Shi-wooo is an orphan who is chosen by a high ranking member of Geumhwadan named So Sa-bun(Kim Sang-ho) and is trained to be an assassin.

He is always bright and cheery and speaks his mind.

And he is a hopeless romantic who falls in love for Moo-young.

This warrior will stand steadfastly by her side, while the tragic heroine experiences grave challenges that fate throws her way.

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