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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: IU Wins #1 on the October 20, 2013 Episode

This week was an astronomical number of comebacks as well as great stages, eclectic sounds, as well as excitement on today's episode of SBS Inkigayo. Hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee, Lee Hyun Woo, and Girl's Day's Minah.

For this episode, three artists held their comeback stages which were K.Will for "You Don't Know Love", BESTie with "Love Options", and Rhythm Power for "Bond Girl."

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First place nominees were IU and T-ara. Two of IU's songs were nominated which were "The Red Shoes" and "Everybody Has Secrets." As expected, it was IU who won for her smash hit, "The Red Shoes." Congratulations to IU!!

With that, here is the recap from last nights performances.

Performance Recaps

Shinee came out explosive as well as stylish for their song "Everybody." Like always, the guys brought energy on-stage which the crowd loved! Great job this week Shinee!

Kahi is saying "It's Me" alright as she brought R&B on-stage. With her great choreography and great abs, the crowd was entertained. Great job Kahi!!

K.Will brought plenty of flowers to give to the ladies by singing "You Don't Know Love." By setting the stage with numerous flowers which shows that really knows how to win a woman's heart. Crowd fan chanted and truly enjoyed his performance!

Lovable IU brought "The Red Shoes" on-stage and kept the crowd entertained by bringing the 1920s to the present. With full of fun as well as energy, crowd enjoyed watching her.

Block B came out with a "Very Good" performance has they set the stage by having pyro techniques. Crowd screamed and enjoyed the performance and loved the energy that was brought on-stage.

AOA told the audience regarding about their "Confused" state and what they feel inside. With they sexy choreography and all, the audience enjoyed their performance. Great job ladies!

T-ara came out with their techno style music "Number 9" and Jiyeon and the ladies performed exceptionally great. Jiyeon, are you okay? Looks like it because you danced great; audience will not know that you are wearing a knee brace. As always, crowd cheered as well as entertained. Great job ladies!

MYNAME brought smooth vibes on-stage for their song "Day By Day." By having a great choreography which is sleek and smooth, audience was entertained.

2EYES are saying you are my "Shooting Star" and the crowd in-return enjoyed the performance. Great job ladies with your beautiful wardrobe for the night as well as stars in the background.

Nine Muses, I surrender. Please put the "Gun" down, your beauty dazzled the audience and any guy will do the same as well. Crowd was entertained of course due to the ladies beauty. Great job!

G-Dragon are saying "Who You" to the audience which boy G-D brought a cool style for the night with his black hat style. Crowd was entertained and enjoyed his performance. Great job G-D!

Jjun is saying "Way to Your Heart" to the ladies. The song is powerful and lots of charisma is shown. With the revealing of his six-pack, I am sure the ladies liked his performance a little. Great job Jjun.

BESTie came out looking for "Love Options" which kept the audience entertained. With their purple and black wardrobe for the night, I am sure the crowd enjoyed their performance.

BTS are telling everybody to say "N.O." The guys brought with them energy as well as charisma on-stage which the crowd screamed. Great style of wardrobe for the night by each member wearing the number thirty six.

Boys Republic are saying "You Are Special To Me" and the crowd reacted by screaming. The audience truly enjoyed the performance which the guys brought charisma as well as energy.

SECRET's Ji Eun set the stage last night by having rose petals in the background as well as setting the mood for her song "False Hope." Crowd enjoyed her performance and cheered on her at the end. Great job Ji Eun and beautiful dress for the night!



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Block B

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Nine Muses

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Boys Republic

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Ji Eun

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Youme also performed last night as well and kept the crowd entertained with her great voice! Rhythm Power as well kept the crowd entertained!

Great job to all the performers last night!!

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