Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Joe Jonas' Drug Love Could Be To Blame For Axed Jonas Brothers Tour!

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Uh oh!

The Jonas Brothers' kaput tour plans might be caused by something waayyyy more serious than a simple bro spat.

Rumors are flying HIGH that Joe Jonas would rather keep up his top secret icky drug habit then tour the world.

A source sadly explained:

“He’s been dealing with substance abuse issues for quite some time. [His management team, friends and family have been begging him to seek help. The tour would have never survived with how Joe was behaving. At this point, Nick and Kevin don’t care what is going on with the band, they just want to see their brother healthy.They’ve had discussions with Joe about their fears for him and the importance of getting help. Everyone is rooting for Joe to get healthy."


Joe's team, of course, denies allegations of addiction, but we find it VERY hard to believe that the superstars would throw away stacks of dollar bill$ and months of prep work because of basic family feud.

We don't know what's been going on with Joe, but the middle child has definitely been acting differently in the spotlight ever since his reports of a supposed sex tape with him and GF Blanda Eggenschwiler surfaced.

He's certainly the hardest partying JoBro!

Do U think drugs are to blame for all the trio's dramz?!

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