Monday, 21 October 2013

Jung Joon Young Secretly Intelligent 'Speaks 5 Languages'

Jung Joon Young revealed that he is capable of speaking five different languages.

Recently, an episode of the KBS TV show "1 vs. 100" featured Jung Joon Young as a guest. During the show, Jung Joon Young stated, "I came here dressed smart so I could answer the questions better. Don't I look like a smart kid?"

When the quiz started, his typical jokester attitude disappeared and took all the questions very seriously.

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Jung Joon Young also revealed his hidden talent of being able to speak five different languages. He explained, "When I was one, I lived in Indonesia for a little bit and then spent some time in China, France, Philippines and Japan. I know how to speak English, Chinese, Japanese, language in the Philippines and Korean, a total of 5 languages."

He continued, "I learned the languages because I wanted to use them every day but I can't think of anything right now." He also shared that his manager was packing his belonging already because he had no faith in Jung Joon Young and made everybody laugh.

The episode of "1 vs. 100" will be aired on October 22.

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