Monday, 14 October 2013

Once Upon A Time Reveals Bisexual Character! Find Out Which Disney Princess Loves Another HERE!!

once upon a time bisexual character revealed


See! This is why Once Upon A Time is so damn good!

The surprises!!

Sunday night's episode mostly dealt with Neverland and the gang's quest to #SaveHenry, but there was another storyline happening — one we and the rest of the LGBT community squealed with delight about!!

One of Disney's princesses was revealed to be bisexual when she came thisclose to professing her love for another princess in ABC's magical realm.

Find out who it was …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

mulan aurora shipmulan aurora ship


Yes yes, we know Jamie Chung's character used to play fiddlesticks with Prince Phillip, but nowadays her heart belongs to Aurora (played by Sara Bolger). The princess of combat tried to profess her love to the Sleeping Beauty after receiving a career offer from Robin Hood, but Aurora beat her with news of her own — she's preggerz!!

Mulan, clearly devastated and wanting to respect what's best for the new family, kept her secret hidden and instead told Aurora she was going away with Robin Hood and his men.

Gawd, it was so heartbreaking to see her walk away in tears.

But who knows, maybe this means we'll be seeing more of Mulan since we also learned that Robin Hood is Regina's soulmate!

[Image via ABC.]

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