Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Big Bang Solo Album Boom Continues? Band Member T.O.P. Rumored To Release His Own Record In Mid-November

A pair of anonymous K-pop music industry insiders is claiming that Big Bang rapper T.O.P. will add his name to the growing list of Big Bang members to release a solo album this year, with his own release rumored for mid-November.

"T.O.P has been preparing for his solo track in secret, and is estimated to begin solo promotions in the middle of November," an unnamed YG Entertainment executive told the Korea Star Daily on Wednesday.

A different YG representative confirmed the news to the website allkpop.

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"It's true that T.O.P. is releasing a solo album," the anonymous YG rep said.

"However the exact time period for release hasn't been decided on yet. We will reveal it when details are in place."

The music video for T.O.P.'s new single will reportedly be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, the director of the video for G-Dragon's "Coup d'Etat" and 2NE1 rapper CL's single "The Baddest Female."

If the rumors are true, T.O.P. will become the fourth member of Big Bang to release a solo album in 2013. That would make Daesung the only member of the group not to drop his own record this year.

T.O.P.'s Big Bang bandmate Taeyang already has announced his new solo album, the first studio album recorded on his own in three years, will be released on Nov. 1.

Big Bang singer Seungri's solo album "Let's Talk About Love" dropped in August and G-Dragon's wildly successful double album "Coup D'Etat came out in September.

According to a YG Entertainment rep, the label executives had originally planned to release the Taeyang album in September.

"Taeyang paid extra attention and care to the preparations for the new solo album, [so we decided to] delay the release schedule by about two months." the YG statement read.

"It is known that Taeyang has been preparing for his new solo album for a long time, in cooperation with both Korean and foreign musicians."

In an interview for this month's issue of the Korean edition of Elle Magazine, Taeyang talked about his hopes for the new record.

"I think no one will be bored listening to my music," said the 25-year-old singer.

"I've got this thing that I really want to do, then I came to have such a great desire to express what I want."

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