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Music Core Showreel: SHINEe Wins on the October 26, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

MBC's "Music Core" is back for its weekly show that featured performances from your favorite artists with hosts for the night T-ara's Hyomin who is set to replace SHINEe Minho in the MC podium, Kim So Hyun, and Noh Hong Chul!

For this episode, Park Ji Yoon returned with "Mr. Lee" and Topp Dog made their debut for "Say it."

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Winners for the night was SHINEe for "Everybody" as they beat IU and K.Will. Congratulations Shinee!!

With that being said, here is the recap from last night.

Performance Recap

Park Ji Yoon is saying is there a "Mr. Lee" watching her last night? Park Ji Yoon made her comeback stage and by dressing up black for the night, she looked elegant. Crowd was entertained and welcomed her return!

Topp Dogg are telling the audience to "Say It" as they came out with lots of energy last night. Crowd was entertained by screaming and loved their performance in the end. Great job guys last night!

What is your lucky number?? I know I know, "Number 9." T-ara came out with their techno-style song which energized the crowd by them screaming as well as fan chanting. The girls performed great as always and kept the crowd entertained. Also, Jiyeon's knee brace is off!

There is no "False Hope" Ji Eun (SECRET); you have a lot of hope. Ji Eun did her goodbye stage last night by singing solo to the crowd for the last time. Perfect stage setting and red rose petals falling in the end on-stage. Crowd gave her a huge cheer in the end by keeping them entertained while she was promoting this song. Great job Ji Eun!

"The Red Shoes" is worn by no other than IU as she brought fun on-stage last night. Crowd screamed as well as fan chanted with her. IU is so adorable to see on stage. Great job IU!

"Everybody" wake up is what Shinee is saying as they once again brought energy on-stage last night. Full of charisma that each of the guys bring. Like always, audience fan chanted as well as screamed. Camera close-ups is fantastic as well for all members. Great job as always Shinee!

Kahi is saying "It's Me" as she brought R&B on-stage last night. She is so great and talented that everyone enjoys watching her perform. Crowd was entertained and truly loved her performance. Great job Kahi!!

TREN-D are looking for their "Candy Boy" to hang out with. Who is the lucky boy? With this cute song and catchy tune; audience enjoyed the performance and cheered in the end. Great job girls!

"You Don't Know Love" is what K.Will is saying to the audience. The crowd fan chanted as well as screamed. With his great back-up musicians and stage setting, the audience really loved his performance!

AOA has a "Confused" state has they cannot figure out if they are loved or not. With their sexy choreography, crowd was truly entertained by screaming. The audience really loved their performance. Great job ladies!

Nine Muses came out with their beauty on-stage for "Gun." Crowd was entertained and screamed. They also fan chanted as well. Great job ladies last night!

BESTie came out beautiful for "Love Options." With their sexy choreography and all, the crowd fan chanted as well as screamed. Great job ladies as you keep on making options for love.


Park Ji Yoon

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Topp Dogg

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Ji Eun

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Nine Muses

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Other performances for the night was Block B, Tae One, Boys Republic, MYNAME, Youme, Say Yes, Kk, and Rhythm Power and all kept the crowd entertained!!

Great performances from everyone last night!!

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