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Jaejoong Arrives in Japan For His Concert in Yokohama

Jaejoong of JYJ went to Japan to get ready for his upcoming Yokohama concert on November 15~16. His agency said, “Jaejoong entered Japan today morning (Nov. 10) through Haneda Airport. Over 700 fans were waiting for him, even though his arrival was kept secret. He will practice for the concert this weekend, before meeting 60,000 fans at Yokohama Stadium next week.”김재중공항1[제공=씨제스엔터테인먼트]

The fans could not be more excited to see their idol giving the love back because of the increasing success of his album WWW. They continued to send him their best wishes hoping that he does well with the rest of the promotions. And seeing as Jaejoong is still doing amazingly well with his album, it is safe to say that there is definitely going to be a second time not too far from now.

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Jaejoong released his first solo studio album on October 29, immediately after which he began another round of activities. He chatted with fans around the world, receiving 1.8 messages in all, while some 200,000 Japanese accessed the chats. He also spent a week at the top of Gaon and Hanteo Charts’ weekly charts, and was a contender for the top place on Music Bank.

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Trouble Maker Wins #1 on the November 10, 2013 Episode

SBS Inkigayo is back for another week with fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement. Hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee, Lee Hyun Woo, and Girl's Day's Minah.

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Last night's episode had five teams and two solo artist who made their comeback return which were Big Bang's Taeyang by performing "Ringa Linga", Miss A with "Hush", BTS with "The Rise of Bangtan", Yoo Sung Eun made a remarkable "Healing", and Untouchable with "Vain."

Nominees for the night were Brown Eyed Soul, Park Ji Yoon, and Trouble Maker. In the end, it was Trouble Maker who won for their song "Now."

With this being said, here is the performance recap from last night.

Performance Recaps

Miss A are saying "Hush" as they touch themselves and entertain you. The ladies decorated the stage by having red roses last night which the crowd were truly entertained. Different side to Miss A definitely for their return and one that really is not to be surprised on as they can perform sexy as well as cute.

Taeyang made his comeback last night by performing "Ringa Linga" which he did not disappoint the audience. Crowd fan chanted and screamed throughout his performance. Taeyang brought energy as well as charisma. Taeyang, welcome back!!

You can learn a lot from K.Will as he brought candles and chandeliers last night by singing "You Don't Know Love." The ladies screamed and loved the stage ambience for the night. You will really make a woman feel special for any night K.Will.

Tell me "Now" now is what Hyunseung is saying to HyunA and the audience as they brought they great collaboration last night. HyunA also changed her hairstyle which looks great. The crowd screamed all through their performance and really enjoyed it!

N-Sonic turned up the heat by bringing the fire on-stage last night by performing "Run & Run." The crowd screamed and really enjoyed watching this guys perform with energy as well as charisma. Keep firing up the stage guys!

T-ara said their goodbyes last night for "Number 9" which was truly one to not miss out on. The fan chants was amazing all through their performance and really wanted to make their last night special! T-ara fans cannot wait to see this ladies again on December 2nd. Take a break and rock the stage again!!

Block B had a "Very Good" performance had they dressed up by wearing a white suit last night. The crowd screamed and loved their performance. Great job guys!!

Untouchable made their return last night by singing "Vain." This guys are really great when it comes to rapping which makes them great singers. Crowd were entertained and loved their performance by screaming in the end. Great job this week and good comeback!

Sexy angels AOA are probably no longer "Confused" as they looked fantastic last night. The crowd screamed as well as fan chanted which sounded like a combination of guys and ladies which should probably be the guys screaming instead. Anyway, the ladies performed great!

BTS came out explosive to perform "The Rise of Bangtan" as they had energy as well as charisma on-stage last night. The crowd screamed throughout their performance and really enjoyed watching them. Great job guys!

MYNAME came out with their smooth choreography for "Day By Day" which the guys looked great in their suits for the night. The crowd were entertained and loved their performance.

Yoo Sung Eun needs an "Healing" and she will use her looks and beautiful voice to charm you. With her apple green hair, Yoo looked great last night. The crowd was entertained and loved her performance. Great job this week Yoo with your comeback.

U-KISS came out to sing "She's Mine" with their R&B song. The audience screamed and enjoyed watching this guys perform. Great job U-KISS!

A-JAX are saying watch out, there is a "Snake" and will poison you with her beauty before striking. This guys kept the crowd entertained which they enjoyed watching them perform. Great performance!

Rhythm Power were James Bond last night for their performance "Bond Girl." The guys wore black shades and looked like secret agents last night by being classy. The crowd was entertained and cheered in the end of their performance.

NOM came out to say to the ladies, you are a "Pretty Noona" which the ladies responded by screaming. The audience loved their performance as the rookie guys brought charisma and wore white for their chosen wardrobe for the night.

TINT are "Love At First Sight" which they came out cute for their performance last night. The crowd fan chanted with the ladies and loved their performance. While the girls are still new and are a rookie group, looks like they are quickly gaining fans. Great job girls and nice stage setting with hearts in the background.

M.Pire came out to perform "Kktak Kktak" which the audience were entertained by seeing this guys bring energy on-stage last night. This guys are really great to see and the audience would agree by screaming.

Boys Republic are saying to the audience "You Are Special" as they brought energy as well as charisma on-stage last night. The audience screamed and loved their performance last night. Great job guys!

Lim Chang Jung is saying "Open The Door" as he brought fun and entertainment last night. With his black shades and colorful wardrobe for the night, the audience truly loved his performance. Keep on dancing and stay young at heart Lim Chang Jung!

Jjun came out full of energy by saying "Way To My Heart" which the audience were entertained by screaming. By showing some of his abs, the ladies loved it. Great performance Jjun.


Miss A

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Trouble Maker

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Block B

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Yoo Sung Eun

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Rhythm Power

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Boys Republic

[embedded content]

Lee Chang Jung

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Park Ji Yoon also performed last night for "Mr. Lee" which she kept the crowd entertained with her beauty last night. Crowd loved her performance!

Great job to all the performers last night!!

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Block B’s Taeil Brings Laughter with His Mistake on “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Group Block B’s Taeil was embarrassed when his voice cracked while singing.

Taeil appeared on SBS’ “Challenge 1000 Songs” along with fellow Block B members. While playing a game with prizes and getting DJ DOC’s “Run To You” right, Taeil stepped forward to sing the song.

Taeil enthusiastically put his heart into the song, but he ended up making a mistake with his voice breaking. He apologized immediately, attributing it to being too early in the morning, and evoking laughs from those present.

Kim Young Ha commented, “How much of a hurry you were in…” and Jang Yoon Jung added, “How good you were…” Taeil replied, “My heart was in a hurry.”

The November 10 episode of “Challenge 1000 Songs” had Lee Yong Shik, Lee Soo Min, Kim Young Ran, Park Hyun Bin, Kim Young Ha, Song Joon Geun, Choi Sung Jo, Yoo Ye Bin (Miss Korea 2013), Secret, Block B, Han Min Gwan, Jo Sae Ho, and Nam Chang Hee appear in a big song battle.

You can press the little blue play button on the top right of the screencaps below to watch a brief clip of that scene. Please note that there is an ad before the clip.

Block B Taeil mistake

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Jung Hyung Don Makes a Nonsense Proposition to Block B’s Zico

In a recent recording of MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol,” Block B appeared as the guest.

During the recording, members of Block B revealed that their leader, Zico, produced their new album.

After hearing this, MC Jung Hyung Don made a sudden request to Zico, “Give us a song for Hyung Don and Dae Joon for free.”

When Zico’s reaction was positive, Jung Hyung Don made an even more nonsense request saying, “Let us credit the song under Hyung Don and Dae Joon.”

Zico tried to change the subject by replying, “But you already have G-Dragon sunbae,” referring to how Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon were paired together for the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival.” However, Jung Hyung Don made everyone laugh by joking, “If you don’t give us a song, we can’t continue the show.”

The episode of “Weekly Idol” which reveals the secret deal between Jung Hyung Don and Zico airs October 23. 

Block B on "Weekly Idol"

[News] Seo In Guk reveals he lost 22 pounds since acting in drama 'Love Rain'

Seo In Guk reveals he lost 22 pounds since acting in drama 'Love Rain'
[News] Seo In Guk reveals he lost 22 pounds since acting in drama 'Love Rain'

Seo In Guk spoke up about acting in drama 'Love Rain' on the October 22nd installment of 'Naver Line Star Chatting,' revealing that, "Singer turned actors are scared when they first act." This edition of Naver Line Star Chatting hosted the stars of 'No Breathing' including Girls' Generation's Yuri and Lee Jong Suk.

He said, "The first script I received of 'Love Rain' was all in the Seoul dialect. All I could show Director Yoon Suk Ho was the secret regional dialect I used for twenty years. I showed him and he turned out to really like it." He also revealed that for his 'Love Rain' character Kim Chang Mo, he gained weight, changed his hairstyle, and wore glasses. He said, "I was 22 pounds heavier than I am now."

He continued, "'Love Rain' was an unexpected opportunity, so I worked hard. I worked harder because it was fun receiving compliments from the director."

If you enjoyed watching him in 'Love Rain,' then definitely check out his latest work 'No Breathing' which premieres in theaters on October 30th!

Best Moments in “The Heirs” – Episodes 7 and 8

laquetahodge is a Soompi Forum moderator / K-Drama blogger who is covering The Heirs for us on a weekly basis. Be sure to check out her great drama blog, K-Drama Central. 


This week was a bit more serious and was cause for some heated discussions due to Young Do’s bullying and odd ways of getting Eun Sang’s attention. I won’t get too deep into it because I like to keep my posts sort of light and not too heavy – I’d be here for hours if I were to do that. I have a lot of thoughts about Choi Young Do right now. Onward to whatever I feel like discussing today! 

Young Do Cancelling the [Dreaded] Family Photo Shoot

상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002925792 상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002928895

It’s no secret that Young Do and Rachel are 100% against their parents getting married. Each has their own reasons for disliking the remarriages, but so far we haven’t seen them take any initiative to actually ruin anything… until now. Esther and Daddy Choi each tell their kids that the family photo shoot is going to happen, regardless of what they think, so what do they do? Rachel asks Young Do to end the engagement, but he knows that’s near impossible right now so he can only ruin the photo shoot. How does Young Do do this? By purposely inviting one of his dad’s ex’s and “pretending” like it was a mere run-in. She calls Daddy Choi ‘Oppa’ and Esther is too pissed to smile and storms out. See that Daddy? You should never tell your son that it’s okay to cheat as long as he wins. That’s like Parenting 101.

Tan Officially Confesses To Eun Sang


We all knew he liked her, but Tan has never actually told Eun Sang that. You can all guess what her reaction was right? She wants to pretend she didn’t hear it and wants Tanny to keep his distance, but he’s set on invading her privacy and interfering in her personal life as much as possible. I know Eunny likes Tanny, but he’s got one teensy weensy problem – he’s engaged. Of course he tells Rachel that he likes Eun Sang and that they should go back to being friends, but he’s got it wrong when he thinks that it is that simple to break the engagement or to think that she wouldn’t be hurt by it. Let’s see how this all turns out… *grabs popcorn*

Bo Na Hates Chan Young? Nah…

상속자들.E07.131030.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002134768 상속자들.E07.131030.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002137604 

Well for a little while anyways. I would be the first to admit that even though I love this couple, it can be a bit irritating to see Chan Young constantly run to his BFF whenever she was in trouble. Young Do suspects that Eun Sang isn’t new money, as Tanny has made it seem to everyone so he proves his point by dumping out the contents of her bag. When Bo Na appears and criticizes him for delaying class, he takes her purse and does the same in an attempt to compare the items within the bags. Chan Young appears, asks if both are okay but helps Eun Sang first. I give Eun Sang credit because she tells him to help his girlfriend first, but all he says is thanks to Bo Na for not telling. She says she hates him and storms out the room. Granted, she’s normally like this, but his facial expression says otherwise and shows how much that affected him. It’s okay Chan Youngie, just pay more attention to your girlfriend, K?

Young Do Is Lonely

상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002125091 상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002127894

Okay, I know he’s a jerk but sometimes jerks have it hard too. After getting cheated beaten by his father, Young Do pops up at the only coffee shop in Seoul Eun Sang’s job. She thinks he’s here to question her about her gazillion jobs, but he says he doesn’t need to hear anything. He just showed up because he’s lonely. Her face changes, and it seems like she sees something in him. He also tells her that he dropped his lawsuit against Joon Young – she didn’t think he would but he says he told her he would and that’s what he wanted to say. Tanny comes in and ruins it on the defense about why Young Do is there. Both guys are so busy giving a stare down/talk that they don’t notice Eun Sang left and bought them drinks. Haha.

Wonny Looks Lonely, Too

상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002410143 상속자들.E08.131031.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_002415982

Blame “The Heirs” thread for me using these nicknames (lol). We saw a much softer and vulnerable side to the elder Kim bro this week. It seems that our Wonny-poo only looks like a lost puppy when he is around Hyun Joo, the private tutor who does/doesn’t have feelings for him. He stalked her waited outside of her apartment when he saw her getting out of a car, then was surprised to see it was Secretary Yoon… good ol’ Secretary Yoon. Before she can fuss at him, he tells her not to, saying it feels like that been going on all of his life. He then wonders/asks why she never lets him sleep over. Poor Won, he looked like he needed a hug. Too bad his dad has been blocking his romance from ever happening, especially when he has someone following him around.

Tan and Bo Na’s Short Conversation


I don’t know if this is even worth talking about in this way, but I actually adored the conversation, even if it was extremely short. Eun Sang is waiting to meet with Hyo Shin when Tan walks up and asks if he should help her get in since he knows Hyo Shin. Bo Na walks out after her announcements, sees Tan and tries to make a run for it (again) but is stopped when her adoring boyfriend/fanboy pops up with a drink claiming to be her fan. They’re all cutesy flirty-like so Eun Sang takes this as her chance to leave (you know, since she’s trying to avoid Tan and all), but he tries to stop her. She uses Chan Young to escape. Bo Na and Tan are left feeling like rejects, but she tries to leave as well (aww, why are both of them trying to avoid him?) until she turns to ask him if he still likes her. He plays into it by asking does he? Then she says that she’s very happy with Chan Young, and he points out that they were once happy and she really liked him. She corrects him by saying it was enough. He asks her does her boyfriend know that he still likes her? She says why should he know that and to forget her. Haha – gotta love Bo Na. Now I kinda see why they were together. I still want a flashback of them together, please writer-nim?

BONUS! Chan Young says Bo Na Doesn’t Get Angry, She’s Cute

vlcsnap-2013-11-02-19h17m21s129 vlcsnap-2013-11-02-19h17m44s118

Chan Young is helping Eun Sang when her phone rings – she ignores it and he asks who it is. Eun Sang has secrets too, she tells him to go find Bo Na before she gets upset. Chan Young’s answer? His Bo Na doesn’t get upset, everything about her is cute. Hee.

Last Week’s Question

The question was: What do you think happened between Secretary Yoon and Esther Lee? Here is Min Young Park‘s answer: “i think … that Esther and Chan Yoong’s father dated 20 years ago and they could not get married because social classes.” This answer was extremely close to the answer we got. Jae Hoo told Esther he now knows why they didn’t work out, there were a hundred people telling him why they shouldn’t be together. Daddy Kim sent Eun Sang to Empire High so a hundred people could tell her why she should stay away from his son. 

My question this week is a poll: Which “surprise kiss” was better: Tan’s rooftop kiss to stop Eun Sang from answering her phone or Yoon Jae Hoo kissing Esther Lee in the hallway. I’ll let you know the results next week. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to to come visit us at the Official Soompi “The Heirs” Thread

Take Our Poll

Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 11

EPISODE 11. Broadcast on September 13, 2013.

javabeans: So Sunny stays an extra day after all, to everyone's delight. You know, I'm going to assume that having her around actually made things really smooth and easy, because have you noticed how her second day whizzes by in screentime? Whereas when it's Seo-jin sweating alone, for instance, you can make so much screentime out of so little because of all the tension.

girlfriday: Yeah basically if things went smoothly, we zoom past. Seo-jin struggles with dinner reservations, with Na PD nagging over his shoulder more than usual, and they head over to a giant tower to have dinner. Except I'm pretty sure they don't have reservations. Hm.

javabeans: The thought process seems to be, We may have to wait. But surely something will open up. Surely? Which are odds I don't like. I think Seo-jin may be secretly praying a little.

girlfriday: Seo-jin manages to get a table pretty quickly (thank goodness) but doesn't bother getting a second one for the crew. The PDs are literally like, "What about us?" Seo-jin just stares, "So?"

javabeans: MUAHAHA.I don't know if he left them out on purpose, or if it's a mistake he's not exactly jumping to fix. Because remember in Europe when it started seeming like he was becoming the whole crew's travel guide, and he was all, WTF?

girlfriday: Yeah it's his petty payback. So the cast gets ushered in for dinner, and the crew is left standing there watching, and Na PD has to chase them down. Hee.

javabeans: Of course, it's not actually good for the show (or the cast) to have zero cameras, and the PDs force a camera into Seo-jin's hands. Na PD points out that they can't just NOT film, so he'll have to be the one to get the footage. Which is pretty much a textbook case of a revenge backfiring.

girlfriday: Pffft. Never try to out-petty Na PD.

javabeans: Ha, and even as Na PD is withdrawing, he's peering over Seo-jin's shoulder and complaining about the shot composition. (To be fair, Seo-jin was cutting off heads.) I like how Sunny casually repositions the camera, then takes over entirely. Lol, she really is better than him at everything.

girlfriday: I know, right? You think Seo-jinnie's doing a good job, until Sunny starts doing everything faster, better, and with a sunny attitude to boot.

javabeans: I'm a little concerned that having Sunny preoccupied with the camera might reduce the amount of cheery interaction at the table since she's the mood-maker, but on the other hand, the halbaes are much more willing to pose and make cute faces when she's the camera operator.

girlfriday: It's adorable. They pose for her every other minute.

javabeans: She even gets Seo-jin to smile and orders, "Oppa, dimples!" On cue, dimples.

girlfriday: Even the halbaes get in on the VJ action, and it turns into a fun activity, with everyone passing the camera around.

javabeans: You know they only offer so that she can eat. If it were Seo-jin, forget it.

girlfriday: Na PD sidles up to Seo-jin in the middle of dinner and says they have to buy tickets to go up to the top of the tower, but when Seo-jin hears that there's a ticket price per person, he half-jokes that they should skip it. But then the halbaes start chiming in on Seo-jin's side. Soon-jae halbae: "Can we just say we did and not?" Lol. The look on Na PD's face.

javabeans: HEE. I feel like Na PD was counting on getting his scenic shots and forcing the cast to pay for it, two birds one stone. But now that they don't want to, he's all, Wait… but I need to get those shots… how did this get away from me? He makes attempts to convince them they really want to see it ("It's really quite nice…. you'll enjoy seeing it…") but they're all, "Nah."

girlfriday: It's so funny how his gaze moves from person to person at the table, and I swear it looks like he's shrinking.

javabeans: Don't you love how he has to actually excuse himself to go think? Sunny giggles hysterically after he leaves, and the halbaes all chuckle that he's gotta be suffering. It's so great how they know exactly what they just did, even as they're feigning innocence.

girlfriday: I love that moment.

javabeans: Na PD holds a frantic meeting with his staff, then returns to say he got permission to shoot. But Seo-jin sticks to the line that the production has to pay the fees, and Na PD actually says, "Where did you learn [behavior like] that?" Seo-jin retorts, "I learned it from you!"

girlfriday: Muahaha.

javabeans: Seo-jin checks with the halbaes that they wouldn't mind terribly going up to the roof if, say, the crew paid for the tickets, right? And Gu halbae is all, Well in that case, I'm sure we can be persuaded to oblige them. It's so hilarious.

girlfriday: Na PD's got his own stubborn streak, and tries to negotiate splitting the fees, which is just hilariously futile. I mean, after all that do you really think you'll get money out of them?

javabeans: Gu halbae takes the lead in the counterargument, and don't you remember how it ended the other day when you tried to wring money out of him? He scoffs, "You can't do that. If you're gonna spend some money, spend it all! Otherwise we'll just be going. We can take the subway back."

girlfriday: At one point, Na PD's argument boils down to whining: "Teacher! You liked me once!"

javabeans: Now you can see how these halbaes have that chaebol-killer-instinct necessary to turn them into hardass mofos in all those dramas.

girlfriday: It's a chicken-egg thing. Did playing the cold chaebol CEOs make them this way?

javabeans: They even cut him off preemptively, all, "You're about to try negotiating one more offer, aren't you?" I love how much Sunny is enjoying all this, and just like the other night, things end with the halbaes clapping and thanking Na PD for giving in, while he stands there speechlessly.

girlfriday: If he had a tail, it'd be between his legs.

javabeans: Of course, as soon as they get up to the viewing area the halbaes are all, "Oh it's really nice. I'm glad we came up." Hee. Gu halbae thanks Na PD, who actually (pathetically?) tries, "So do you want to pay…" Gu halbae: "No! Those talks are over."

girlfriday: After sightseeing courtesy of Na PD, they head back to the guesthouse, where Seo-jinnie gets busy looking for their next hotel rooms.

javabeans: He gets help from the guesthouse clerk, who searches online for new hotels. There are intermittent bursts of laughter from Sunny, who's enjoying a halbae pajama fashion show, and Seo-jin hangs his head, back to worrying about the mood dropping after she leaves.

girlfriday: With hotel rooms booked (at the hot springs) everyone heads to bed for the night, and then Sunny is the first to wake up in the morning so she can make breakfast for the halbaes.

javabeans: Sunny has to leave for the airport soon, and Soon-jae halbae asks when they'll meet again, and she assures them that she'll see them in Korea (as in, she'll keep up relationships). He confirms that she has 8 bandmates in SNSD, and says, "I can buy 9 of you dinner." LOL.

girlfriday: Aw, and then it's time for her to leave for the airport, and everyone's SO SAD.

javabeans: She gives them all hugs, and then the halbaes make her give Seo-jin a hug too (which is awkward in an amusing way), always ready to shove them together. Way to undercut the sad moment. We cut to an interview with Sunny, who explains that at some point in the trip the dynamics got a lot more comfortable as the halbaes (whom she calls fathers) joked around with her and she started to consider them more fathers/grandfathers. The PD asks about her own grandfathers, and Sunny starts to get emotional, explaining that they've passed away, and that she wasn't able to go to the funeral because of her idol activities.

girlfriday: Once Sunny's gone, the mood is as advertised: silent, stoic, tense.

javabeans: It's like the mood was a dog that rolled over and died.

girlfriday: It doesn't help when we get a montage of just how different things are With Sunny and Without Sunny.

javabeans: Don't you love the song lyrics that match so well? It's all about how (she) blew in like the wind, out like the wind, in like a cloud, out like a cloud. Like now they're in the aftermath of some happy tornado but just left with emptiness. So funny.

girlfriday: And the strange thing is, I don't even think Seo-jin is all that different, because I'm pretty sure he was this terse from the beginning. It's just so pronounced because of her absence.

javabeans: Right? Na PD mentions that it seems the mood is much lower now, and Seo-jin retorts, "This is how it always was!"

girlfriday: It's like, when he was the only one who was so worried about the mood while it was happy, he seemed crazy. Now, you realize he was the only one who knew exactly what he was talking about.

javabeans: It's a long walk from the subway station to their hotel (15 minutes), so after a brief attempt to suggest the walk, Seo-jin changes tack and spends a loooong time hailing taxis. They take two, and as the halbaes watch the road go by, Il-sub halbae asks, "He wanted to walk this whole way?! We would have been doomed!" And then Seo-jin says from the other taxi, "Man, we would have been doomed."

girlfriday: They make it to the hotel where they get the bad news that they can't check in until evening, but Seo-jin manages to finagle two rooms early, which phew. He takes out cash to pay for the halbaes' rooms, and Na PD totally tries to sneak extra. For the tower? Are we still not giving up on that?

javabeans: Because of the late check-in, the halbaes start thinking there was a good reason these rooms were cheap, and you can see Seo-jin starting to sweat. What if we get a repeat of the Rainbow hotel, which he reserved purely for the cheap price and had to feel sorry about the whole time? So he tells the halbaes he'll check first and totally darts ahead to see if he has cause for concern. I am SO relieved when the rooms look fine, nothing like the Rainbow place where there was barely any room to walk.

girlfriday: I know. I was holding my breath with Na PD's refrain, "You came here with dreams of rainbows…" floating in my head.

javabeans: Seo-jin is pretty proud of himself, especially when the halbaes are pleased with the suites. But then Na PD tells Seo-jin to share with the halbaes (as in, give up the third room), which, D'OH! Na PD tells the halbaes Seo-jin will be sleeping on their floor. Seo-jin demands his money back from Na PD, and totally hovers while Na PD counts out the cash, until Na PD totally whines, "I'm gonna give it, okay? I will!" As though he hadn't just tried to STEAL from him.

girlfriday: And then he actually says, "When have I ever conned you?" How can you even say that with a straight face, Na PD?

javabeans: LOL, Seo-jin waits until he gets the cash to reveal that this suite was actually the most expensive one. Na PD makes one ineffectual lurch to grab money back, but basically, Seo-jin wins this round. One PD complains that Seo-jin has "gotten strange," in that he has picked up strange habits from the grandpas.

girlfriday: So then Na PD follows Seo-jin around to get his petty revenge and points out that the hotel view is of construction, which is strangely a running theme in their travels. He asks (voice dripping with sarcastic marvel): "Wow, look at that view! Did you find this place on purpose? It seems like you found it on purpose."

javabeans: Does Na PD get especially bratty after suffering supposed losses? Like he just HAS to needle extra-hard?

girlfriday: He really does. It's extra funny when you can watch the build-up.

javabeans: The group treks over to the hot springs, but it's a rather dispiriting affair because the weather is so hot and they're all just wilting in the heat. I mean, I'm pretty sure they'd all be silent anyway without Sunny, but it's like an extra burden, the oppressive heat.

girlfriday: Seo-jin wonders why it's so difficult here, when they walked way more in Paris and other places. Caption: "Look within yourself for the answer." Ha.

javabeans: Seo-jin buys entrance tickets and hands them out, at which point Il-sub halbae checks that he can just get in the water nekkid. And there's this collective reaction of, "Omigod no! Swimsuits!" Ha, I'm glad he checked ahead of time.

girlfriday: Lol. That would've been a hilarious mistake.

javabeans: There's a close-up from above as Gu halbae enjoys his soak like he's in a happy dream, and the camera gets closer and closer and closer until Gu halbae is all distorted in the extreme close-up. I'm less interested in Gu halbae's thoughts in this moment than I am in the image of what the heck the VJ is doing looming above him like that.

girlfriday: It's moments like that you wish they had a bigger crew, so someone else could catch the VJ on camera.

javabeans: They enjoy the soak for a while, eat ice cream, then head on over to the next stop. Seo-jin has taken on the habit of checking exact distances and asking whether it's okay, which is 400 meters today. I say it's a smart tactic since the halbaes are gonna be fine with it before you start walking, and once you start walking they can hardly complain since they already said it was fine. Heh. Better than the all-too-familiar "Are we there yet?"

girlfriday: But as we've witnessed before, 400 meters is plenty of distance for the group to split up, get turned around, and lose each other. Even if they're all going in a straight line. As usual, Soon-jae halbe starts getting waaaay ahead of the pack, and people start getting nervous. The editing plus "I Believe I Can Fly" is really cracking me up today.

javabeans: And how Gu halbae assures Seo-jin, "He'll stop and see we're behind, and he'll wait" only to have Soon-jae halbae stop, see they're behind, wait two seconds and continue his march onward.

girlfriday: As they take the train, Geun-hyung halbae looks up pictures of Sunny's arrival in Korea on his phone to show Il-sub halbae: "Your daughter has landed." Seo-jin tells Na PD about it, and Na PD needles: "They don't laugh when they look at you, but they laugh at pictures of Sunny on the internet. Hyung, try harder. You can be loved like Sunny." HA.

javabeans: Their destination is a hot tourist spot by the water, and crowded with people. The group sits and rests as they watch the sunset and take pictures and sorta zone out at the end of the day, until it's time to go eat dinner. They get to the teppanyaki place, and I love that the halbaes wave away the waiter when he shows them the menu, telling him to take it up with Seo-jin instead.

girlfriday: Oh noes… this place doesn't serve liquor! Gu halbae's like, No no no no, that won't do. Ack, do they have to go elsewhere?

javabeans: Ha, they send Seo-jin to go buy something at a convenience store, and he returns with this big bottle of liquor (it's kaoliang, which I presume is sorta the closest thing to soju he can find). I'm just glad the restaurant allows this.

girlfriday: Seriously. It wouldn't fly anywhere in this country. So then there they are, pouring likker into paper cups at the restaurant. I love it.

javabeans: Once they get a few drinks in them, the halbaes start praising Seo-jin for being indispensable, which is sweet, though they also joke that they oughtn't shower him TOO much. But they'll make it up to him by marrying him off, they say, and start planning the mock ceremony where Soon-jae halbae can officiate, Il-sub halbae can emcee, Gu halbae can greet guests, and Geun-hyung halbae can usher. Il-sub advocates setting him up, saying that he set up Sohn Ji-chang and Oh Yeon-soo. Omg really? That's so cute, they're one of those steady power couples.

girlfriday: That's so sweet. Seo-jinnie is definitely next.

javabeans: Seo-jin starts to say how funny it is that Soon-jae halbae was singing Nam Sang-mi's praises on the last trip, and now she's playing Il-sub halbae's daughter in their current drama. I honestly think he's just making conversation with a fun fact, but Il-sub halbae's all, "You like Nam Sang-mi? Okay I'll see if she's available." She's totally taken, of course, but it's cute.

girlfriday: Ha, they're just like real parents. You can't say one damned thing without it turning into a whole rigamarole. Meanwhile, Gu & Sub proceed to get trashed. They just get progressively drunker and drunker…

javabeans: God, I just had a vision of us as them, fifty years later. That's totally going to happen isn't it.

girlfriday: Quick, let's line up a luggage boy, stat.

javabeans: No, we have to wait thirty more years for him to be born.

girlfriday: What.

javabeans: I mean, unless you want a sixty-year-old luggage boy.

girlfriday: Well what's the fun in that? Okay, I see your point.

javabeans: Gu & Sub are so hilarious when they're three sheets to the wind. They amble on over looking for ice cream, get to a counter (that totally isn't ice cream) and exclaim, "Ice cream! Mango! Two!" They're pointed in the right direction, repeat that dictate, and then fight over who pays.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. This buying ice cream business turns into a whole thing, mostly because they're really drunk. It's hiliarious.

javabeans: "Order one more!" "But Soon-jae hyung already ate one, I saw." "Then get one for Seo-jinnie." "Do you take American dollars?" "No no no no no!" "This one." "Pay first!" "I want to order this one." "Cash! Cash cash cash cash cash cash cash cash!" Mind you, this is all Gu & Sub, while the cashier just looks confused through it all.

girlfriday: I'm suddenly having a flash to Hoo and Jun-su in Dad Where Are We Going, where they get sent to the market on their own and have to ask which color money with whose face they have to give for the rice. Somehow, it feels the same.

javabeans: They buy four total, leaving out Soon-jae halbae's because he did just eat one on his own. But then when the others get handed out, Soon-jae halbae gets this hilariously longing look on his face, and I'm like, he totally wants one. Gu halbae sheepishly explains that they know he ate one already, and Soon-jae halbae assures them that's the case, but then Gu halbae tries shoving his half-eaten cone at his hyungnim to make up for it, and it's hilarious.

girlfriday: They get to take the staff bus back, and Il-sub halbae asks really loudly what's gotten into Na PD and if maybe he's gone (like they stole the bus out from under him?) and Na PD chirps, "I'm right here!" Hee. Seconds later, Il-sub halbae offers Na PD his half-eaten ice cream. He must've felt bad.

javabeans: This is the last night for the full cast, as the next day Geun-hyung and Il-sub halbaes will be leaving, and Gu halbae will be left with Soon-jae halbae. He's losing his drinking partner, so he proposes that Soon-jae halbae match his drinking pace tomorrow, say with half-drinks, and Soon-jae halbae passes off the task to Seo-jin.

girlfriday: Gu halbae: "What, you don't wanna?"

javabeans: Soon-jae halbae agrees to just one, and Gu halbae is both disappointed and drunk and makes this hilarious gesture behind hyungnim's back, like he wants to smack him.

girlfriday: Heeheehee. I sense a storm brewing. If there's one thing I know, it's that you can't get between a halbae and his liquor.


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