Friday, 8 November 2013

Understanding Kdrama: Begging For Forgiveness

In almost every episode of a kdrama, you may see a character kneel and ask for forgiveness or mercy. A character may kneel before a king, a boss a parent, an enemy or a lover.

In a recent episode of "Secrets," Bae Soo Bin tells Hwang Jung Eum that he will kneel down and beg if it causes her to disappear.

In an even more recent episode (spoiler alert), he does kneel down before her to beg her to abandon her desire for justice. In the same episode, Ji Sung, kneels before his father to beg for his right to choose the woman he loves and to ask his father to forgive him.

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Ji Sung also kneels before Hwang Jung Eum to express his humility before kissing her.

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