Sunday, 10 November 2013

Block B’s Taeil Brings Laughter with His Mistake on “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Group Block B’s Taeil was embarrassed when his voice cracked while singing.

Taeil appeared on SBS’ “Challenge 1000 Songs” along with fellow Block B members. While playing a game with prizes and getting DJ DOC’s “Run To You” right, Taeil stepped forward to sing the song.

Taeil enthusiastically put his heart into the song, but he ended up making a mistake with his voice breaking. He apologized immediately, attributing it to being too early in the morning, and evoking laughs from those present.

Kim Young Ha commented, “How much of a hurry you were in…” and Jang Yoon Jung added, “How good you were…” Taeil replied, “My heart was in a hurry.”

The November 10 episode of “Challenge 1000 Songs” had Lee Yong Shik, Lee Soo Min, Kim Young Ran, Park Hyun Bin, Kim Young Ha, Song Joon Geun, Choi Sung Jo, Yoo Ye Bin (Miss Korea 2013), Secret, Block B, Han Min Gwan, Jo Sae Ho, and Nam Chang Hee appear in a big song battle.

You can press the little blue play button on the top right of the screencaps below to watch a brief clip of that scene. Please note that there is an ad before the clip.

Block B Taeil mistake

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