Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ga-in’s New Pictorial

Ga-in’s New Pictorial

by KPOPPlanet Team( | Sep 25, 2013

Even as she promotes the Brown Eyed Girls’ fifth album, Ga-in is busy raising her value as a beauty and fashion model. This time, she revealed a pictorial containing her philosophy on beauty and trendy makeup know-how for this autumn season.

She also mentioned her good makeup skills, commenting in an interview, “I know what’s good and what’s bad for my face, so except in a few exceptional circumstances, I do my own eye makeup.”

Meanwhile, Ga-in’s beauty pictorial, where you can see her burgundy makeup secrets, will be listed on the Oct issue of the InStyle magazine.

Ga-in 3323

 (Photo: InStyle)

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