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[News] IU Confirmed for ‘Pretty Boy’ with Jang Keun Suk

IU Confirmed for ‘Pretty Boy’ with Jang Keun Suk
[News] IU Confirmed for ‘Pretty Boy’ with Jang Keun Suk

It’s been confirmed that IU will be the heroine of Pretty Boy.

IU has been casted as the female lead, Kim Bo Tong, in KBS’ upcoming new drama, Pretty Boy, which will begin after Secret.

Kim Bo Tong is a girl who is botong (normal) in everything, from looks to background. After she is completely smitten by Dokgo Matte (Jang Keun Suk) in middle school, she lives her life just for him.

Although his 4D fashion sense is hard to understand at times, Bo Tong assigns herself as the guardian of pretty boys to protect Matte from other girls, who have become thorns in her sides.

IU, the normal Korean girl who will protect the pretty boys, is expected pull off this image well as she has been dubbed as the nation’s little sister since debuting with her friendly and cute image.

Also killing the music charts and programs with the release of her third album, IU is determined to cause a ‘Kim Bo Tong syndrome’ with this new drama.

“Teaching Dokgo Matte about sincere love through normal charms, IU, who is playing Kim Bo Tong, will completely pull of this role 120 percent,” said production company, Group Eight. “We will provide to you the most unbalanced couple and unique romance that Korea has seen.”

Pretty Boy is about pretty boy Dokgo Matte who spreads his knowledge on how to become a ‘pretty boy’ and get the women with good looks and charms.

Adding on the character of Kim Bo Tong, who only has eyes for Dokgo Matte, the drama is expected show a topsy turvy of a romance.

Pretty Boy is based off the original comic series of the same name by Cheon Gye Young. The comic has been carried over to script form by Yoo Young Ah, who wrote for the movie, The Miracle of Room 7.

The drama will be lead by director Yoo Sang Ho, who held the reins for The Legend and Tamra, the Island, and director Jung Jung Hwa, who was in charge of Flower Boy Next Door and Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

Meanwhile, Pretty Boy will air on November 20.

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