Saturday, 2 November 2013

From Filming and Faking Love, Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are Dating

So as you all know, MBC's drama series "Goddess of Fire" probably ended in one of the most infuriating story stomping moments that was witnessed. Let's make this excessively long story short, the character who was not insane died and lost the girl to King/Prince Gwanghae which truly disappointed many fans that stuck through the drama. Though despite this, the famous alterna-OTP has survived as Kim Bum looks to have risen from the dead to romance Moon Geun Young. Though, it is for real this time and there are no cameras or scripts.

Both Kim Bum's and Moon Geun Young's representative have confirmed that they have been seeing each other for about a month and have been doing so secretly without being noticed. The two even went to Europe for the holidays!!

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Though, the secret is out regarding about these two love-birds.

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