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[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 14

Selective memory is a tricky thing if you don’t gain control over it and it gets away from you. In Joong Won’s case, it ran away at full speed. He never had a chance to hold onto his denials cuz the facts kept knocking down all his attempts at repressing his memory. I bet he really did think he could go on living in the dark, but fate in the form of that necklace just kept turning that light back on again. When it comes to this man and his emotions, I think he should act first and think about why he did that second. He is always at his best when he acts on his impulses and doesn’t stop to calculate. I lost track of how many times tonight I was mentally urging him to keep talking or stay quiet. Maybe that memory loss affected his brain cuz he didn’t realize how much his words were hurting Gong Sil, but when he was left alone – he let his words sink in so he could finally see that he went too far at times. There is a fine line between walking away from someone to let them go and denying your own feelings for the sake of self preservation. If only he could have distinguished between the two before he hurt Gong Sil’s feelings and made her cry. It’s like his words made her feel even more isolated and alone. Thank goodness Joong Won still knows how to save the day with his grand gesture. Tonight’s was the result of an accumulation of clues pieced together in that final moment- when the light of recognition lit, he was out of there faster than a heartbeat.

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Written before it aired:

I wonder what’s worse – remembering just pieces that don’t add up to anything concrete or not being able to let go and forget. Based on the preview, Joong Won is starting to put two and two together about the kind of person Gong Sil was to him, but he doesn’t have all the answers. He senses that he is seeking out Gong Sil’s attention, but he doesn’t know why yet. I have to side with Gong Sil and say she is going through the worst part of all this. She is the one who has to willingly turn her back on love pretending it didn’t happen. I lost track of how many times she literally turned around so Joong Won wouldn’t see her face. It’s like she was afraid that facing him would mean she couldn’t hide her feelings for him. When he asked her to turn around and face him as she walked away, Joong Won didn’t sound like someone who was ready to let her go and Gong Sil didn’t sound convincing when she said “I don’t need it anymore.” I wonder if he is going to remember all his feelings for her in one great tidal wave of emotions. I sincerely hope so since every scene so far where Joong Won let his emotions control his actions, we got the best out of him – all the sincerity, no calculations, wild abandon, mixed with overwhelming love.

*I think I must have broken every record and watched that BTS of the rooftop kiss like a million times. If their last kiss scene hardly had any NGs, they made up for it this time cuz they kissed a lot. The director really knew how he wanted this scene to play out cuz he advised So Ji Sub to pull her to him for the kiss. The hilarious part is when the director wanted them to film it with movement – meaning with their mouths open so So Ji Sub said to him that would get messy looking. The English subs said “throwing your lips away” but in Korean he said standing there “with lips parted.” Then he had to ask Gong Hyo Jin if that was okay to do -”if the lips part, that’s ok right?” He asked that in jeondae and touched her arm. He must have been nervous or something cuz most times he speaks to her in banmal, but in that moment as he asked permission, he switched to jeondae so it was adorable.

I find it so interesting that So Ji Sub is still speaking to the director using jeondae after all these weeks of filming. It speaks to his professionalism and respect for elders. Younger actors tend to drop the jeondae from time to time, but So Ji Sub is consistent.

 Main Cast:

Episode 14 

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Starts from Joong Won asking are you Tae Yang. GS: you don’t even remember me so how did you come here. he says I don’t know who you are - but I don’t know why – you seem like a really important person. what are you to me? Gong Sil: you seem to have come expecting something major but as you see – just think of it simply. I’m a poor woman with no money and you are a wealthy great president so what could I be. Joong Won: I heard you went around saying I am a special person to you. what about me and how am I special to you. Gong Sil: while on my way I got a ride from you. you were the president of Kingdom. somehow I thought I should catch you so I got hired for a part time job and chased after you. cuz I said I was so lonely and sad, you started taking care of me. when I was having a hard time you helped me and got me a job. you had an event at the hotel for me. that’s how you became a special person to me. Joong Won: you are saying I put someone like you next to me. that would never happen. is this building yours by any chance? Gong Sil: you told me not to live somewhere like this and got me a home and said you would buy me a car. Joong Won: I did? the joking is offensive. you are a candy that lives in a gositel so that means I am the wealthy pushover. that I played with a woman with no appeal like you. I did? Gong Sil: my sixth sense/sexiness is different from others. Joong Won: no matter where I look – you don’t have any sexiness that I would fall for. Gong Sil: you fell for me. cuz it was so hard to stick to you so I wasn’t going to easily get lost but while you were with me you got hurt. so I was sorry and was going to get away from you now. with the money you deposited a lot into my account, I was going to think of that as payment for getting lost now. I will use it well. thank you during all that time. leave. she walks away but he holds her back and asks is that really all of it? fine – if that’s how we played – I will try hugging you again -then the answer will come out what you were to me. he starts to lead her inside, but she pulls away and says don’t lay a hand on my body. I told you it was the end. He says a relationship like that – you don’t end it I do. what? you clung to me and I let you stick to me. if I see your bank account, the calculations will come out right away how much you are worth. I don’t think that is all of it. while I couldn’t remember a lot has changed. I feel stunned but I don’t dislike it. is that by any chance cuz of you. I feel like I lost something big – is that with you. she holds her necklace and says there is something you left here -wait and I will return it to you. She goes to get it for him.

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She goes in and gets his beer and gives it to him saying take it with you. this is all of it – what’s left after playing with me. you asked me to be a woman who will easily get lost so I am thinking of doing that so go now. he asks did I really drink stuff like this and play with you? she nods yes. Joong Won: if this was all it was then fine. thanks – for getting lost, for returning it. she says don’t come again and walks off.

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At his home, Joong Won says that woman’s name is Tae Gong Sil – you know her don’t you? Seuk Chul asks do you remember? Joong Won: I have no memories. Kim is out on vacation and you always keep an eye on me so report what you remember. did I openly play with that woman (as in have a physical relationship with her) Seuk Chul says the rumors spread and it came out anywhere. I will relay to you what I saw and heard. you went really far with her. Joong Won: keep going. Seuk Chul: at first I think you were thinking it would be just casual. flashback to Joong Won saying to them – we decided to give and take meaningless skinship. Joong Won: a sixth sense/sexiness that is different from others. that I fell for that. Seuk Chul: you normally didn’t care what others thought. you just did your style and openly went around hugging her. Joong Won: so? Seuk Chul: with the Saejin group daughter, even though talk of marriage came out, you said you couldn’t break up with her (Gong Sil). flashback to Joong Won saying I wont send her away. I cant not see her so I will safely get married first and keep seeing her. Seuk Chul: from what I could see Bang Sil is not like most women too. in front of the vase you got as your engagement gift, she said she would break it and looked your aunt in her eyes. flashback to Seuk Chul’s version of that moment when Gong Sil tossed the vase and showed the aunt attitude saying it’s rude – I told you to break it. Sung Ran: are you saying somehow you will break Joong Won’s marriage? Gong Sil: cuz it’s dangerous. I will break it for sure. be careful. Seuk Chul: that woman attested like that and broke the vase and your engagement. Joong Won: I really played dangerously. Seuk chul: cuz you fell so deep, are you going to start over again now. he reaches for a beer but Joong Won stops him. he reminds him how Seuk Chul’s stomach is pooching out and tells him to leave now. Seuk Chul: I told you what I know so you interpret it on your own.

Joong Won puts his beer back in his fridge and says it’s good my memories are gone of when I lost my senses and played.

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Gong Sil says it would really be nice to be able to drink alcohol at a time like this. do you know what I feel the most indignant about cuz I can see ghosts. I cant drink a drop of alcohol cuz I am scared. Kang Woo: you said president Joo was your bunker didn’t you? if you stayed by his side you could have done anything. will you really be ok without him? Gong Sil: it is too bad. if we were together – it would have been really nice to hold hands and have a can of beer. Kang Woo: I am worried -before you met president Joo – cuz you were scared you avoided and lived in the gositel hiding - that you might go back to doing that I am worried. Gong Sil: on that day at the hospital, I saw the scariest spirit/soul in the world (Joong Won). I have never been that scared. talking about him being my bunker – I wont drag him into my world again. compared to that I’m not scared of other ghosts. I can handle/endure it. Kang Woo:his memories have all been erased. so hiding your heart and pain-watching just you enduring it- it’s upsetting. Gong Sil:I told you I’m keeping it all in my heart so it’s correct to calculate that it’s all my fault

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Joong Won touches his stab wound and wonders if it reached his heart too (piercing it too). something is empty. I feel like I gave it to that woman -she said I threw it away after playing. he looks at his reflection and says dont go and get it back again.

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Gong Sil tells Kang Woo -don’t worry about me cuz I wont live again holed up. I am thinking of going back to school next year. Kang Woo: for real? Gong Sil: yes now it’s the extent that I can ask the ghost in the seat next to me for answers during tests. Kang Woo: then it wont be a problem becoming the top of the class (of her major). Gong Sil: I was originally head of the class. Kang Woo: are you bragging? Gong Sil: yes. I won all the prizes to be won -the poster child of excellence. he says then don’t give up and become that great/excellent impressive person and I will guard/protect you. when it comes to protecting/guarding someone- I’m very talented as well. so she says ah yes -you are more than capable of protecting the blue house (secret service). to be guarded by you – I would have to become president at least. Kang Woo: if it’s you – even if you aren’t president and at the level of a woman’s society president, I’ll still guard/protect you. let’s make a toast to become successful. the ghost tries to reach for her drink so she says you have your coffee. why go after my cider. Kang Woo hears that and looks down at the coffee cup. she explains there is a kid who came to me for coffee a few times. if I tell you there is a ghost here is it too scary? Kang Woo: no my ability grew too. I have to handle that much in order to guard you. he clinks his can with the ghost too.

Next day Gong Sil tells herself – studying was the easiest to big Tae Yang. I can do well. she finds the photo and remembers how ghost Hee Joo asked to borrow her body for Joong Won’s sake. Gong Sil: she didn’t come back to ask me again. she hears a knock outside.

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