Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hyosung of Secret Open an Instagram Account

Following her fellow member Jung Hana, SECRET’s Jun Hyosung has also hopped aboard the Instagram bandwagon!

The idol joined the photo sharing website this weekend, and she greeted her fans with her adorable first photo update along the comment, “Wow Kekekeke So this is what it's like. It’s a new world Kekekeke. Come and play.”

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Instagram seems to be this new growing trend between idols and it does not seem to be a problem to the fans. This just offers a whole new way for the fans to feel more connected to their favorite star. Because of this, many of the social media sites are getting much more exposure than they originally had because more and more idols are joining in on the Instagram and Twitter, and so on and so forth bandwagon. Hyosung is a prime example of a new user and many of her fans are so happy that she got an Instagram. They also praised her picture by saying that she looks amazing and that she should upload more photos of herself in order to fill her account as well as entertaining her followers during this time of hiatus for the members of girl band secret.

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