Tuesday, 5 November 2013

SISTAR’s Dasom, First Role in Traditional Drama ‘Melody of Love’ a Success!

SISTAR's Dasom successfully completed her first shooting of the drama "Melody of Love."

The first episode of "Melody of Love" aired on November 4th, and Dasom took on the role of Kong Deul Im, who dreams of becoming a musical actress. She perfectly played the role of a girl who dreams of one day performing on stage, and acted as a cheerful and bright character.

In this episode, Kong Deul Im went out for a musical audition despite her family's opposition. She secretly "borrowed" clothes from her mother's dry cleaner shop, and borrowed her father's bike because she didn't have any money for the taxi fare.

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On the way to the musical audition, Kong Deul Im gets into an accident with another bicyclist, Park Hyun Woo (played by Baek Sung Hyun). As a result, the clothes she is wearing gets torn, and the bicycle gets damaged as well.

In this intense first meeting between the two characters, they fight over whose fault the accident is. Their argument comes to a cease-fire when Kong Deul Im says to Park Hyun Woo, "We'll settle this by the law." She then adds, "My lawyer will call you soon. Be prepared."

Dasom's flawless and natural flowing acting was the highlight of the episode. In the beginning there was speculation from viewers as to whether or not Dasom would be able to act out the part well. But now that they've seen her in this role, it seems as if those worries were all for naught. Dasom was able to showcase acting skills she hadn't displayed before. Her eyes showed a new charisma, she spoke her lines clearly and with the correct emotions, and overall she is perfectly cast for this role.

Not only that, Dasom showed a great mother-daughter harmony with well-rehearsed actress Kim Hye Ok. Kong Deul Im fell asleep and dreamt that she finally became the star of a musical and went up onstage. At that moment, someone slapped her. It turns out her mother Yoo Jin Soon (played by Kim Hye Ok) woke Kong Deul Im with a slap.

Angry to be awoken from her sweet dream, Kong Deul Im yelled, "Did you wake me, mom? Why did you hit someone who's sleeping?" Yoo Jin Soon replied in turn, "You don't even have a job and you have the galls to come to your mother's dry cleaner shop where she is working and fall asleep?"

All in all, Dasom overwhelmed viewers with her delicate emotion acting, and is expected to show outstanding synergy with Kim Hye Ok in the episodes to come.

Photo credit: KBS

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