Sunday, 23 June 2013

Kanye West Is Wifing Kim Kardashian Up In A Wedding Ceremony Overseas?!

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Did these two slip a proposal right past us??

We're pretty sure we'd hear if Kim Kardashian got engaged, but this new momma seems to have become the master of secrets ever since hooking up with Kanye West!

From what we hear, these two might have gotten engaged right after Kim gave birth to baby North.

We guess she popped out their baby, and he popped the question!

A source revealed why Kanye has finally made the move:

"Yes, [Kanye is ready to marry Kim], without a doubt. He loves her. Now that they’re a family, with a child, it makes [marriage] that much easier."

And now that she's divorced from Kris Humphries, all lights are green!

Unfortunately, Yeezy might have missed one crucial step as it's reported he didn't give her an engagement ring, but he DID supposedly give her a black diamond ring costing over $500,000 for the birth of their baby.

We guess that'll do!

Plus, Kanye will have plenty of time to get Kim another sparkler if he wants because it's rumored they aren't marrying until September.

But where, you ask? Paris, of course!

The new parents are apparently planning a wedding in the city of love where they've been spending lots of time and have even been rumored to be planning to live!

Too bad baby North won't be old enough to be the flower girl!

[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]

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